How Would You Choose the Perfect Details for the Wallpapers

When tackling home renovations, walls can be finished in two ways: with paint or wallpaper. The latter usually requires higher costs than necessary for whitening, however it is more durable and (in recent decades) it is often washable and non-flammable, as well as ecological.

Wallpaper in the bathroom and kitchen

Although most will believe this is a contradiction in terms, since these two rooms are the ones most subject to high humidity rates, today’s technology allows you to apply wallpapers in virtually any space of the house. Choosing the wallpaper singapore is the best deal here.

Obviously, not without a series of tricks

The first wallpaper singapore, valid for both bathroom and kitchen, is to opt for dedicated, high quality and breathable products, specifically designed for environments subject to high humidity, in order to avoid the formation of mold.

The second suggestion is also adaptable to both spaces, and is to choose very dense patterns and designs only if the room is large enough to avoid a visual narrowing effect.

Moreover, it is relatively simple to apply, since it is enough:

  • clean and level the walls
  • cut the paper according to the necessary height (with a few centimeters of margin both upper and lower)
  • arrange the glue (chosen according to the paper)
  • apply the strip from top to bottom (perhaps with the help of a plumb line, to make sure it is straight)
  • smooth the applied paper with a roller to avoid bubbles and wrinkles.

A save can be:

  • vinyl, when the decoration is printed on a layer of vinyl resin which is in turn spread on a layer of paper
  • paper, when the decorative pattern is printed directly on the paper
  • textile, obtained by gluing threads of fabric on a paper support.

Currently, companies invest more and more in technologies and materials and offer multiple solutions, for which on the market there are metallized or geometric papers, vintage or with rhinestones, with brick or wood effect, with geometric patterns.

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